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Well, we are an enthusiast group of programmers whose only aim in developing this site is to help peolple belonging to all genres through our tips&tricks and daily articles. At the begining of this program we were looking for something challenging , something to test our web developing skills. Those kids in the locality looked tense and asked us why not going for BITSAT branch prediction. We thought it to be a good idea and then again the most challenging one - IITJEE branch prediction.
We also had come up with the PDF of your performance in BITSAT. You can download it by clicking the "Download PDF " button .
Soon we will launch this service for IIT-JEE prediction also and come up with the other articles.
Uploading the data was a huge task.More than 5000 lines of code have been written manually. We hope you will utilize the services to their max. usability and provide us proper feedback. Our first two articles will serve the purpose of the indian engineering aspirants who have excelled in the IITJEE and BITSAT 2010 exams this year.
Our next challenge is the AIEEE Architecture Stream branch prediction which is supposed to be launched after a week .
NOTE: One of the best applications for students - the "JEE10 PEDIA" has been launched. You will find a link on the top of the page. Cheers !

NOTE: We have launched AIEEE 2010 Branch Prediction for Engineering stream students. ( 01-06-2010 )

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